Remote File System Access

The cluster file systems can be accessed via the well distributed CIFS protocol on all kind of devices and operating systems e.g. MAC OSX, Linux, Windows, iOS or Android.

Note: If you are at home or traveling you have to establish a vpn tunnel into the local AEI network first.

To access the /home and the /lustre file system remotely, please follow the instructions below.

Samba Gateway: or cucs

On MAC OSX Systems:

Server Address: smb://cucs
Username/Password: UCS Credentials

On Linux Systems:

Server Address: smb://cucs/username to access /home or 
Server Address: smb://cucs/lustre to access the production file system
Username/Password: UCS Credentials

On Windows Systems:

Connect to Network Drive: \cucsusername or \cucslustre
Password: UCS-password