Remote Environment

How to request a remote Desktop session, 3D Big Data – Visualization, Software Management System, Running OpenGL and memory intensive Applications and Remote File System Access


The remote desktop environment can be used for code-/software development, simulation runs, math. applications, data analysis, 3D data visualization or Office/eMail/LaTeX applications world wide.

A valid AEI cluster account.

When travelling or at home you have to establish a vpn tunnel into the local AEI network first.

How does it work:
Connect to the resource management node via ssh by using the authentication credentials provided by IT

  1. $> ssh *protected email*
    [usera@login-damiana ~]$ ssh *protected email*
    Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
    Last login: Sat Aug 3 11:00:01 2013 from login-damiana.damiana.admin
    [usera@submit ~]$
  2. Open a screen within the terminal you just opened via the unix command $> screen
    [usera@submit ~]$ screen
  3. and run $>qlogin -pe nx 4 -q nxserver.q
    [usera@submit ~]$ qlogin -pe nx 4 -q nxserver.q
    local configuration not defined - using global configuration
    Your job 318253 ("QLOGIN") has been submitted
    waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ...
    Your interactive job 318253 has been successfully scheduled.
    Establishing /cluster/sge-6.1u3/utilbin/lx24-amd64/ session to host ...
    Warning: Permanently added '[]:55620,[10.xx.xx.159]:55620' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
    [usera@node159 ~]$
  4. Detach the screen via Strg+A Strg+D

If nodes are available the resource management system will redirect you to a private node. An email containing a ssh-key and an IP (see above: [10.xx.xx.159]) address should be delivered to your local AEI email account by now. You will have to import the key into your remote desktop client in order to connect to the remote desktop server node.

Which remote desktop client should be used ?
We prefer the OpenNX ( ) client, which is available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.  Alternatively you may use the nomachine client v3.5. provided by the website.

Opennx/nx client packages can be downloaded right here:
Download section:

50526978cfa544dbfd619df7103a59c0  OpenNX-
34d620a8674fa181b41b949817e48de6  OpenNX-
6bfe389638ac9c14fa89ca56b0c671b6  opennx-
fbd136068e04f333c14125bccd382d40  nxclient-3.5.0-9.exe

How to connect to the virtual desktop server:
When travelling or at home you have to establish a vpn tunnel into the local AEI network first.

  1. Open the client (opennx, nomachine) configuration dialog
  2. Open the configuration dialogue and type in the hostname IP and import the NX key provided by the resource management system
  3. Type in username and password
  4. Press the Login button

Welcome to your private remote  desktop session.


To disconnect from the current remote desktop just press the window exit button. Later on, you will be able to reconnect to the same session again.

How to run OpenGL Applications?

In general compute nodes are not well equipped with local 3D graphic cards. Therefore running OpenGL applications e.g. Mathematica, Amira, Visit, Maple, ect might be a little difficult.

To run an OpenGL application on the nxserver queue you have to use Virtual GL Transport from inside the remote desktop client to connect to the virtual GL Server.

Example and Syntax:

Syntax: [usera@node174 ~]$ vglconnect hostname_of_the_virtualGL Server
[usera@node174 ~]$ vglconnect erich
VirtualGL Client 64-bit v2.3.2 (Build 20121002)
Listening for unencrypted connections on port 4242
Redirecting output to /home/usera/.vgl/vglconnect-node174-:2000.0.log
Last login: Mon Jul 22 15:45:49 2013 from
[usera@erich ~]$

Now you have been redirected to our virtual GL server. Just add the appropriate software module e.g. Mathematica, Amira or VisIt to the terminal environment and run the preferred OpenGL application.

[usera@erich ~]$ module add MATHEMATICA/9.0.1
[usera@erich ~]$  vglrun mathematica
How to access the cluster file systems remotely – world wide?

While running the remote desktop environment it might be necessary to access produced data remotely or e.g. transfer Mathematica notebook files, source code or documents into or from the remote environment to a private machine.

If you are at home or traveling you have to establish a vpn tunnel into the local AEI network first.

To access the /home or the /lustre file systems remotely, you have to configure your operating system e.g. Windows, MacOSX, Linux or Android to use the cluster samba gateway:

Samba Gateway: