Getting Started

Welcome to AEI! In the following it is assumed you are a Linux user, by default using the High Performance Cluster facility that are provided in the basement.

Home directory:

  • Home directory: /home/$username
  • Quota home directory: 450 GB, 700k files, request if you need more
  • Rules for the backup
    • Regular backupsNightly incremental backup of $HOME

Exclude directories from being backed up:
No backups are taken from files within the NOBACKUP directories in /home/username wherever they are located.

Backup Policy:
In our institute the backup data will be stored for 90 days and there is no limit concerning the number of versions which are stored. The archiving data is stored indefinitely.

Production data directory:

  • Production date directory: /lustre/datura/$username
  • Quota production directory: 8TB, 2Mio files, request if you need more
  • Rules for the backup
    • Regular backups
    • No regular backups are taken of the production file system

Public AEI-Cluster WWW website:

  • Website directory: /home/$username/WWW/
  • The website can easily be used to exchange production data with collaborators.
  • You may restrict access from outside via setting .htaccess and .htpasswd
  • Accessible from outside via
    Note: The Apache webserver needs read access to the /home/$username directory.

How to use the ACL’s to set Apache read access to the private WWW directory 

lfs lsetfacl -m user:apache:rx /home/usera
lfs lgetfacl /home/usera
getfacl: Removing leading '/' from absolute path names
# file: home/usera
# owner: usera
# group: hpc