Remote Environment Tutorial

Remote Environment Tutorial
January 1th, 2013

This tutorial will show how to use cluster nodes in a remote gnome-desktop (client – server) environment to run:

  • Mathematica
  • Maple
  • Matlab
  • Scripts
  • Visualization stuff
  • Office
  • LaTeX

all kind of workloads – uninterruptible.
I will demonstrate:

  • how to use such a system
  • how to connect/reconnect/disconnect from everywhere to a running virtual desktop session at the AEI infrastructure without loosing any running processes within the virtual environment.
  • how to up-/download, modify, edit, read or watch at data via all kind of mobile devices e.g. MAC, Windows, Linux, iPad, Android,…

Note: A test environment has been set up, feel free to bring your Laptop’s.
Minimal requirements: a terminal