The Mission

Datura is a high performance Infiniband cluster, primarily used for small and large scale simulations of black holes and neutron stars in order to calculate the resulting gravitational radiation.

The cluster is equipped with 4800 GB main memory, 2400 Cores, 200 compute nodes, 2 visualization machines, 6 Lustre storage server, 15 Lustre storage targets, 2 headnodes and up to 200 virtual desktop machines. The main communication and storage network is based on Infiniband QDR 40Gbit/s to benefit of low latency and high bandwidth. To achieve the maximum throughput and to handle the huge amount of parallel I/O operations,  Datura is using a 2-folded multi-homed global lustre file system with 290TB of disc space for production runs.

image_preview image_preview2 image_preview3 image_preview4

The images show the simulation of two neutron stars with different masses inspiraling and then merging into a single object that collapses almost immediately to a black hole.