AEIownCloud7 online now

web services under our control – hosted at the
Albert Einstein Institute

The AEIownCloud7 can be accessed via web browser, open protocols such as webdav, caldav, carddav or a cloud sync client to keep data synchronized between your own device and the AEIcloud.

To access the AEIcloud you have to be member of the AEI or a collaborator. The most important features are listed below.

  • Access Your Data
    Keep your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars and more on a server of your Institute. Access the data from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser from wherever you are.
  • Cloud Documents
    Use Cloud Documents for collaborative editing of rich-text documents from within the web-interface.
  • Sync Your Data
    Keep your data e.g. documents, folder, contacts, photo galleries, calendars synchronized amongst your devices.
  • Share Your Data
    Share your data e.g. documents, folder, contacts, photo galleries, calendars, Cloud Documents with others.
  • External Storage
    Mounting AEI cluster file systems, DropBox, external WebDAV servers into the Cloud or integrate your cloud storage into the remote desktop environment.
  • File Versioning, User Avatars, Contacts, Calendars, Galleries, Document Viewer, Tasks

For further details or support please get in contact with your local IT support.